Service Codes

SIC Code--1752
238330 & 238190
Minority Business

Smith's Epoxy
Coatings, Inc., is a
minority business,
certified by the
Virginia Department of
Minority Business
Marvin Smith,

Marvin Smith,
Project Manager
About Us
It is our pleasure to introduce you to Smith’s Epoxy Coatings, Inc., a
family business.  Our office is in Newport News, Virginia, but we
install floors in all of the continental United States.  Smith's Epoxy
Coatings was founded in 2002.  Yet we have over 25 years experience
installing epoxy floors.   

Many new epoxy floor companies have recently emerged, yet most of
them do not have the experience and skill to install high quality epoxy
floors.  Smith’s Epoxy Coatings, Inc., is dedicated to doing excellent
work the first time, and we have the experience to stand behind that
Some of our customers include:  
  • Atlantic Marine Service in Yorktown, VA
  • Gear World of North America in Virginia Beach, VA
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in
    Newport News, VA
  • Virginia Diner in Wakefield, VA
  • Norfolk Marine in Norfolk, VA
  • Living Faith Christian Center in Newport News, VA;
  • Redeeming Faith and Deliverance Outreach Ministries
    in Newport News, VA;
  • Petco in Norfolk, VA;
  • Bowditch Ford in Newport News, VA;
  • The City of Newport News Parks and Recreation in
    Newport News, VA;
  • Powhatan Correctional Center in State Farm, VA;
  • El Burrito Restaurant in Carollton, VA;
  • Colony Point Apartments in Norfolk, VA;
  • Fort Pickett in Blackstone, VA;
  • The City of Petersburg in Petersburg, VA; and
  • The City of Portsmouth in Portsmouth, VA.
Our Customers
Smith's Epoxy Coatings, Inc.
Specializing in All Types of Epoxy Coatings
Virginia Class A
Floor Installation in a Church Fellowship Hall
Before Picture--Prep Work
Installation of Base
"Look Dad,
I can help!"
After Picture--Finished Floor
Applying the Topcoat
Learning to walk
in her parents'
We have also subcontracted work with the following
  • David A. Nice Builders in Williamsburg, VA
  • ADI Construction in
  • WM Jordan Company in Newport News, VA
  • Virtexco Corp. in Norfolk, VA
  • Veterans Construction in Lakewood Ranch, FL
  • Evans Construction in Sandston, VA
  • Stanley W. Bowles Corporation in Martinsville, VA;
  • Robra Construction, Inc. in Virginia Beach, VA;
  • All Seasons Contractors, Inc. in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc., in Fort Eustis,
  • The Woodard Group in Norfolk, VA;
  • G.R. Bailey Construction in Chesapeake, VA;
  • Corrosion Prevention in Columbus Station, Ohio; and
  • Blue Ridge Coatings in Roanoke, Virginia.
No, our kids didn't install this floor, but they look really cute trying, don't they?
From Prep Work . . .
Before--Picture 1
Before--Picture 2
To Installation . . .
After--Picture 1
After--Picture 2
We Do It All